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Le Bernardin – New York City

28 Dec

he8:  When someone says that food is better than sex, I usually say “You’re not doing it right…” But that was before I went to Le Bernardin.

she8:  My stomach has finally caught up with my heart. It has found its soul mate as well… Le Bernardin!

we8: We selected the 4-course tasting menu:  House made gravlax, Bay scallops with hearts of palm, Celery root soup with black truffle, Fluke with avocado and tomato, Black bass with celery and white grape, Poached lobster with red wine soaked celery root, Char grilled Octopus with fermented beans and pear surrounded by squid ink, Monkfish with Brussel sprouts and a side of mushroom flan, Dover Sole almondine in a browned butter sauce with heirloom potatoes, Religeous-french cream puffs, Chocolate-olive oil, Profiterols-winner: chocolate with caramel and sea salt.


La Fourchette – Atlanta

8 Dec

he8: I would have eaten faster if I knew she8 was thinking about fourchetting!

she8: Dear Atlantans… if you haven’t eaten at this restaurant you are insane. La Fourchette means fork and I could do it every night here.

we8: Cugini Annegato (Squid, Fresh Georgia Rock Shrimp, capers, tomato stew), Roasted Eggplant stuffed w/Local mozzarella, classic pomodoro, Date Salad (Celeriac, Point Reyes blue cheese, arugula, pearled couscous, pistachios)

Bistro Niko – Atlanta

8 Dec

he8: I swear I did too since it was my soup.

she8:  I swear to God I fought back tears when my spoon hit the bottom of the damn bowl. AMAZING soup!

we8: Butternut Squash soup, Grilled Salmon with greens.

Park Tavern – Atlanta

8 Dec

he8: I think I ate the tacos without chewing, ridiculous!

she8: Great outdoor spot in Piedmont Park and dog friendly. However, Schmutz was pissed since we ordered sushi. I swear he barked “burger.”

we8: Piedmont roll (spicy hamachi and asparagus roll topped with tuna tataki, jalapeno, crispy rice, avocado and spicy soy), Ahi Tuna tacos, butternut squash soup and a grilled Mahi sandwich.

La Fonda – Atlanta

8 Dec

he8: Chips and Salsa and I don’t hear a word out of she8 for 20 mins.

she8:  Again, I learn my lesson NOT to use any sauce that has a picture of a pepper on it. Red or green it doesn’t matter. It’s deadly.

we8: Salsa & Guacamole and the grilled salmon tacos.

Cafe Jonah – Atlanta (2nd visit)

8 Dec

he8: Sunday brunch for charity.  I had to eat everything to show support.

she8: I was tempted to go upstairs at this place and get a reading from their psychic. The only thing I wanted to know was if we would be going to the gym after this brunch.

we8: Everything!


Ocean Prime – Atlanta

8 Dec

he8: Surf, turf and scotch served right.  Oh yeah, and great company.

she8:  Wonderful menu. Yummy food. However, all I can think about is how many martinis it will take for me to sing with the piano player.

we8: Tuna Tartare, The Surf N Turf (scallops & short ribs) and requested and received an assortment of cheese and salami. FYI They do a proper Scotch!

Milk Bar (Momofuku) – New York City

8 Dec

he8: I didn’t get much of that.  Maybe I shouldn’t have let she8 go first.

she8:  Seriously what the hell can I say about the Composte cookie except that I need another one. This Milk Bar makes mayhem!

we8: Composte Cookie (potato chips, pretzels, coffee grounds, oats, graham, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips) & Candy Bar pie

R. Thomas – Atlanta

8 Dec

he8: Delicious meal…I mean side dishes.

she8: The perfect clean lunch before going to a movie. Popcorn and Whoppers will feel more deserving.

we8: Grilled vegetables, pita, Cashew Cheese, and an Apple & Cranberry juice.

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