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Las Cuartetas – Buenos Aires

28 Nov

he8: Who would have thought.  I went for the beef and fell in love with the pie.

she8: Move over Italy, Argentina kicks your ass in pizza!

we8: Fugazzata (onion & cheese), spicy tomato, and Faina


Cabana Las Lilas – Buenos Aires

18 Nov

he8:  She8 tasted it because she didn’t know what it was. Tricking her into things works on more than just sweetbreads. 😉

she8:  Sweetbreads? Umm… so it’s not like a doughnut.

we8:  Empanadas Las Lilas  (Traditional Argentine veal turnovers), Mollejas de Corazón (Sweetbreads), Entrana (Skirt Steak).


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