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P.J. Clarkes – NYC

10 Feb

he8: This is our spot. Sliders and a Guinness and making sure she8 only eats her share. The perfect first meal of the year.

she8: Where it all began! For those that don’t believe in love at first sight, one thing is for sure… They haven’t had these sliders.

we8: Sliders & Oysters!


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Cafe Orlin – NYC

7 Feb

he8:  He8she8’s 2nd home.  For some reason we can’t get out of there without 4 plates and 8 glasses of something; makes for a great evening though, martinis make me very handsome…

she8:  Orlin is anything but ordinary. I’ve cherished breakfast at the bar here too many times to even count with he8. However, the hangovers not so much.

we8: TUNISIAN EGGS: eggs over easy, over spicy peppers & tomatoes with homefries and pita, MUSHROOM, SHALLOT, AND HERB OMELET, CHICKEN AND PISTACHIO SAUSAGE.


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