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Cafe Jonah – Atlanta (2nd visit)

8 Dec

he8: Sunday brunch for charity.  I had to eat everything to show support.

she8: I was tempted to go upstairs at this place and get a reading from their psychic. The only thing I wanted to know was if we would be going to the gym after this brunch.

we8: Everything!



Cafe Jonah & The Magical Attic – Atlanta

8 Oct

he8:  Apparently real men do it quiche… followed by a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

she8:  Quickly so I could get up to the magical attic for my free psychic reading… “Would I go to the gym today?”

we8:  Grilled panini with proscuitto, brie, and raspberry jam with quinoa, Mushroom Quiche with fruit and a granola blueberry muffin.



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