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My Little Cupcake – Vermont

21 Feb

he8: Didn’t want to lose a finger..

she8: Valentine’s Day + Valentine’s Birthday Day  = two cupcakes. You can’t argue with logic.

we8: Champagne & Vanilla


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Gigi’s Cupcakes – Atlanta

15 Feb

he8:  One bite. Icing is lethal.

she8: Since Valentine’s Day is also my birthday, the Universal law states that I am to eat double the sweets without judgement.

we8: Wedding Cake flavored cupcake with heart-shape sprinkles.



Magnolia Bakery – NYC

8 Oct

he8:  I pretend I go there for her…

she8: The power of a cupcake. It’s not a sex in the city staple for nothing…

we8: Two cupcakes & the signature banana bread pudding.


Ritz Carlton Midtown – NYC

28 Sep

he8: Great sliders, better scotch, perfect company…

she8:  An afternoon to evening of putting on the ritz and about ten pounds.  The experience was well worth it.

we8:  A tray of cupcakes (Red Velvet, Pistachio, Coconut, Strawberry Shortcake), Burger (medium-rare) & Fries, Champagne, Kettle One & Macallan’s 12.


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