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Confiteria Quebec – Buenos Aires

28 Nov

he8: Man can’t live on bread alone….unless its morning in Buenos Aires.

she8:  First meal since touchdown in Argentina. Had to get dulce de leche wasted immediately.

we8: Everything on the menu that contained Dulce de leche…

Another Broken Egg – Sandestin, FL

28 Nov

he8: Breakfast of champions and a night of champs.

she8: My broken veggie benedict as I stared at the rich yellow concoction that I left on the side. It sucks being a woman sometimes.

we8:  Veggie Benedict, Chez B’s and Corn Beef Hash.

Las Cuartetas – Buenos Aires

28 Nov

he8: Who would have thought.  I went for the beef and fell in love with the pie.

she8: Move over Italy, Argentina kicks your ass in pizza!

we8: Fugazzata (onion & cheese), spicy tomato, and Faina

Bud & Alley’s – Sandestin, FL

28 Nov

he8: Sunset and seafood, she8 would have caved without the sweet potato fries but I wasn’t taking chances.

she8: Just when I thought the waterfront rooftop scene would be enough, obviously the scratching of my forking against the metal plate proved I was a fan of the clams.

we8: Smoked Tuna Dip, Sweet Potato Fries, and Baked Clams.

The Atlanta Grill Ritz Carlton – Atlanta

28 Nov

he8: 2 peeps, 2 fish, 2 bottles of vino…not exactly behaving.

she8: Too healthy. Obviously I was behaving for something I did recently. Hmm…

we8: Grilled Swordfish & Grilled Salmon.

Cafe Pick Me Up – East Village, NYC

28 Nov

he8: An NYC hide-a-way with plenty of dark corners.

she8: I could starve and NYC’s energy would keep me alive.

we8: The best Americano in NYC.

JCT Kitchen – Atlanta

28 Nov

he8: Sharing was a mistake.  At least she’s only selfish when forking.

she8: First time trying grits. This place is the best I’ve ever had!

we8: Their famous Shrimp & Grits  – red mule grits, deep fried soft poached egg, smoky tomato “jam”

Taco Bar – Sandestin, FL

28 Nov

he8: Chips and Guac and beer.  This is the happiest she8 will be without tequila.

she8:  Good Food. Good Guy. Where is the tequila?

we8: Grilled fish tacos, Chips and Guacamole, and lots of beer.

Oviedo – Buenos Aires

18 Nov

he8:  Wine, Woman, and Squid, I wish I was on a floating island.

she8:  One of the best forking moments of my life. Just when I thought the baby squid melting on my tongue was enough, I had my own episode of LOST on the floating island.

we8: The grilled Baby Squid, Croquettes, Sauteed Salmon Trout, and The Floating Island (Soft meringue floating in a vanilla cream sauce).

Los Salones del Piano Nobile – Buenos Aires

18 Nov

he8:  Hollywood couldn’t of orchestrated a more perfect scene, especially the leading lady.

she8: The whimsical dream like atmosphere on the terrace sucked us in and our glass of wine quickly turned into food intoxication.

we8: Pappardelle with Veal Ragu, Lamb Burger with fried egg and arugula and a selection of sweets.

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