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Bubby’s Tribeca – New York City

17 Jun

he8:  Could be the quietest breakfast I ever had. Someone lost their voice!

she8:  …

we8:  Cheese grits, Oatmeal, and Matzo Ball soup.























The Darby – NYC

5 Feb

he8:  A time warp! Amazing food and the place makes you want to be Bogey to her Bacall.

she8:  This spot requires multi-tasking while eating, dancing, and singing. The talented performers give you a time traveler experience.

we8:   Grilled Octopus with White Beans, Dill and Red Wine Dressing,  Tuna Tartare with Hen-of-the-Wood Mushrooms, Hazelnuts,  Creekstone Farms “Tomahawk” Steak,  Crispy Baker Potatoes,  Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Drum,  and Profiteroles.


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he8she8 NOLA

30 Jan

We shot our first he8she8 trailer in New Orleans recently during our food, frolic & forking experience there. Looking forward to shooting in our favorite cities!

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Bud & Alley’s – Sandestin, FL

28 Nov

he8: Sunset and seafood, she8 would have caved without the sweet potato fries but I wasn’t taking chances.

she8: Just when I thought the waterfront rooftop scene would be enough, obviously the scratching of my forking against the metal plate proved I was a fan of the clams.

we8: Smoked Tuna Dip, Sweet Potato Fries, and Baked Clams.


JCT Kitchen – Atlanta

28 Nov

he8: Sharing was a mistake.  At least she’s only selfish when forking.

she8: First time trying grits. This place is the best I’ve ever had!

we8: Their famous Shrimp & Grits  – red mule grits, deep fried soft poached egg, smoky tomato “jam”


La Cabana – Buenos Aires

18 Nov

he8: If you are what you eat, I’d be worshipped in India.

she8: Dear Evita, I won’t cry for you. I’m saving my tears for the moment of beef withdraws.

we8: Kobe steak with sauteed mixed vegetables, Caesar salad.


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