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Parlor – New York

19 Apr

he8:  It’s like they took CBGB’s, shoved it into skinny jeans and taught it how to cook.

she8:  Cool members club. Gorgeous models hang from the wall. A mixologist pouring. But the army of Magnolia cupcakes marching towards me stole the show.

we8:  Hanger steak with spinach and wasabi mashed potatoes, Grilled salmon with risotto, ravioli (but we don’t remember as a result of a mixologist mixing madness).

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Acme – New York

19 Apr

he8:  Guinness in your dessert? I thought they had me at Duck in a Jar…

she8:  A little touch of Cajun in a bite of the Big Apple.

we8:  Country Toast (camembert, pumpkin), Farmer’s Eggs (cauliflower, aged parmesan), Duck In A Jar (pickled vegetables), Hay Roasted Sunchokes (new england gruyère, black winter truffles), Black BassDanish Doughnuts, & Beer & Bread Porridge (salted caramel apple).

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