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Momofuku – NYC

18 Feb

he8:  A beer and a pork bun; is that all of the food groups???

she8:  I swear my first word had to be MOMofuku… Dear God these are ridiculous.

we8: 2 Orders of pork/shiitake – hoisin, scallion, cucumber.


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La Fonda – Atlanta

8 Dec

he8: Chips and Salsa and I don’t hear a word out of she8 for 20 mins.

she8:  Again, I learn my lesson NOT to use any sauce that has a picture of a pepper on it. Red or green it doesn’t matter. It’s deadly.

we8: Salsa & Guacamole and the grilled salmon tacos.

Ocean Prime – Atlanta

8 Dec

he8: Surf, turf and scotch served right.  Oh yeah, and great company.

she8:  Wonderful menu. Yummy food. However, all I can think about is how many martinis it will take for me to sing with the piano player.

we8: Tuna Tartare, The Surf N Turf (scallops & short ribs) and requested and received an assortment of cheese and salami. FYI They do a proper Scotch!


Max Brenner – NYC

28 Oct

he8: The way to a man’s heart might be through his stomach, but with women you’ll always get lucky with chocolate.

she8: A spot where rules are broken! Where traditional meets sexy as it’s chocolate chaos.

we8: Chocolate & Marshmallow Pizza & two Chocolate Syringes


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