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Sushi Azabu – NYC

4 May

he8:  Not sure if the sushi was amazing or if it was she8 and her frozen smile from eating sushi back in NYC that made me love this place. Little of both, I think.

she8:  Tiny spot located in the basement of another restaurant with only 4 tables and the sushi melted like butter on your tongue. However, I could have swallowed my chopstick and had a fabulous time. With he8 and back home in NYC.  My two favorite ingredients!

we8:  FLUKE CARPACCIO, “WAGYU” BEEF – TATAKI (Thinly Sliced Wagyu-beef, Japanese Radish, Onion, White Radish Sprouts with Garlic), RED SNAPPER  NIGIRI, AMBERJACK KAMA, NEGITORO-MAKI (Blue Fin Tuna and Scallion Roll), GREEN TEA ICE CREAM (fruit & mochi).


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Hatsuhana – NYC

18 Feb

he8: Cozy and delicious.  No sake, no happy.

she8:  Not bad. Not Nobu.

we8:  Dark miso soup with nameko mushrooms or a sari clams, Yellowtail with scallion rice bowl, spicy tuna roll, yellowtail scallion roll,  and chopped fatty tuna tartar mixed with scallions.


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