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Ecco – Atlanta

24 Jun

he8: With a bar like this… there is no reason to ever sit in the restaurant. With a bar like… there is no reason to ever sit in the restaurant.

she8:  You make me laugh he8… #echo

we8: Piquillo peppers (stuffed with braised beef), Piri piri squid (Castelvetrano olive puree, sunny side egg, cilantro),  Heirloom summer squash (with mint, soffrito), Fire Roasted French white asparagus, Mixed lettuces (radish, almonds, tarragon-mustard vinaigrette).


Confiteria Quebec – Buenos Aires

28 Nov

he8: Man can’t live on bread alone….unless its morning in Buenos Aires.

she8:  First meal since touchdown in Argentina. Had to get dulce de leche wasted immediately.

we8: Everything on the menu that contained Dulce de leche…

Bud & Alley’s – Sandestin, FL

28 Nov

he8: Sunset and seafood, she8 would have caved without the sweet potato fries but I wasn’t taking chances.

she8: Just when I thought the waterfront rooftop scene would be enough, obviously the scratching of my forking against the metal plate proved I was a fan of the clams.

we8: Smoked Tuna Dip, Sweet Potato Fries, and Baked Clams.


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