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Bubby’s Tribeca – New York City

17 Jun

he8:  Could be the quietest breakfast I ever had. Someone lost their voice!

she8:  …

we8:  Cheese grits, Oatmeal, and Matzo Ball soup.























Barbounia – New York City

29 May

he8: $17 for a belllini?

she8:  It’s all you can drink? Yeah!

he8: She’ll take two glass at a time.

we8: Greek salad with lamb, Spinach Omelette.

Catch – New York City

28 May

he8:  This place must be named after she8. (I’m sure its got nothing to do with the mac & cheese).

she8:  I thought he8 was the perfect catch… but then I met Mr. sticky rice cakes.

we8:  crunchy Rice Cakes (Tuna Tartare, Wasabi Tobiko), Macaroni & Lobster cream (mascarpone, breadcrumbs), assortment of sushi.


Brasserie Pushkin – New York City

28 May

he8:  This place will find the Russian in all of us…

she8: I’ll admit… I can’t pronounce Medovichok for the life of me. I will also admit that the pastry chef,  Emmanuel Ryon, may very well be my soul mate. Or me his stalker.

we8:  Tuna Tartare (Yellowfin Tuna, Avocado, Arugula Salad, Truffle Oil, Horseradish Emulsion),Mixed Green Salad with Fruits (Duck Prosciutto, Seasonal Fruits and Berries, Hazelnut Vinaigrette), Pork, Beef & Lamb Dumplings, Beef Stroganoff (Beef Tenderloin, Spring Onions, Mushroom Sauce), Blintzes (Braised Veal Blintzes, Sour Cream) & Medovichok (Russian Layered Cake of Dulce de Leche Ice Cream & Honey)

Emeril’s – New Orleans

19 Mar

he8: How do you tour NOLA without this guy?

she8:  A stop at this spot was part of our appetizer flight and all I can say is damn! I mean BAM!

we8: Chinese Sausage Wontons w/ kimchee + Asian pear


Cucina Asellina – Atlanta

19 Mar

he8:  Spring time lunch with she8 (I thought the word “Cucina” would have scared her)!!!

she8: Nice food. Beautiful sunny day. Handsome he8 as my date. This spot just needed atmosphere. We were the lunch crowd.

we8: Grilled Salmon Salad (red endive, frisee, green beans, sliced egg, caper vinaigrette) & Grilled Chicken smoked provolone, spinach, dried tomato spread paninis.


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